​​​Dead Man Rising

"I highly recommend this film!! Interesting, inspiring, great acting and it was beautifully played out at the end!"  M. Petze


"Thank you so much...This really touched my heart so deeply, tears are still running down my face. Thank You Thank You. Yahshua bless you."  ​S. West


"This movie is amazing!! Very dramatic, extremely well written, inspiring, and thought provoking!! I have seen it 2 times and would love to see it again! It is that good!!!" D K Brandt

"A small movie that tells a huge story. Great directing, acting, writing, and visuals. Intense, and thought-provoking!  Go see this movie and get ready to be moved."   Moe D.



Good Day Atlanta

Rising Pictures LLC

"Blew me away...twists turns I didn't see coming! Writing so great...so rare these days. I will be going again! It's a 10! "  Brett J.

"I was delighted by the movie and have another chance to see it. I will be bringing friends along on Sunday. Rarely does a movie stay with you like this one does. It has changed my outlook for the better. Everyone has a journey and unless you walk in their shoes you really don't understand totally. Great movie with a great message. Thanks."    Holly B.

​​​​​​​​​Rising Pictures LLC